How to Sell My Timeshare

Five easy steps to selling your timeshare with confidence

Why sell on Vacatia

It doesn't cost you a dime to put your timeshare on the Vacatia marketplace. Vacatia is one of the only places online where you don't have to pay anything upfront to sell your timeshare. You only pay one success-based fee, once your timeshare has been sold.

Step 1

Sign up for free

No hoops, no membership fees, absolutely no credit card information required. Simply create your free account with your full name, email address, and password, and you already have the tools you need to start selling your timeshare.

Your registration information is always kept private.

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In the future, you can use this same email address and password to log in to Vacatia. For your convenience, you will remain logged in until you click on the Log Out button, found in the drop-down menu that appears when you click your name in the top right corner of any page.

We also recommend turning on the notification option so you'll be alerted by a text message when there is activity on your listing. Choose the Settings option in the menu that appears when you click on your name, select Notifications, enter your cell phone number, and then click Verify via text. A verification code will be sent to your cell phone. Enter this code on the site to finish the verification process, and then make sure to check the box next to Notify me via text when there is activity on my active listings.

Step 2

List your timeshare for sale

All you need is a free account to get your timeshare on the market today.

You can either sell your timeshare points or your fixed/floating timeshare week(s). Points usually come with a vacation club membership that lets you stay at multiple resorts. Traditional fixed/floating weeks are usually sold for one resort.

To add your listing to the Vacatia marketplace, please contact our Guest Care advisors online or by phone at (855) 857-7588.

We currently offer resales only for endorsed partners that support our transparent sales process. Our partners include Disney Vacation Club, Royal Resorts, Westgate Resorts, and qualified independent timeshare properties.

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When selling your timeshare, it's up to you to determine the price of your listing. We recommend searching for similar listings to get an idea of reasonable resale prices. You can make your timeshare stand out by marking fees that you will include in the sale price, such as closing company costs that are typically covered by the buyer.

Step 3

Guarantee the accuracy of your listing

Help us guarantee the accuracy of all timeshares listed on Vacatia.

All you need to do is send your proof of ownership (such as a copy of the deed in your name), your latest maintenance invoice showing your current balance due, or an estoppel letter ordered from your resort or club. Alternatively, your resort will send us the information once they receive your approval to do so. Once we've checked your documents, we'll give you our "Vacatia Guarantee" seal of approval. This helps us eliminate fraud and create the most transparent timeshare marketplace on the web.

In the unlikely event that a transaction on a "guaranteed" listing fails to close due to inaccurate information, our Guest Care team will credit the buyer $500 towards their next purchase with us.

Step 4

Talk to interested buyers

When selling your timeshare, potential buyers can message you directly through Vacatia to ask questions about your listing or to make an offer. Keep in mind that buyers will often make inquiries about several listings at once, so you'll want to reply within 24 hours so as not to lose the potential sale.

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No personal information will be exchanged until an offer has been accepted and the closing process begins. Messages will show up in your inbox, and you will be alerted via email and/or text notifications.

When a buyer submits an offer, you can choose to accept it, reject it, or make a counteroffer. If you do not accept the offer, we recommend that you send a message to the buyer to explain why you believe the timeshare you are selling is worth more or to describe any additional terms you're willing to negotiate, such as paying for closing costs, the upcoming year's maintenance fees, etc.

Step 5

Complete your timeshare sale

When an offer is accepted, a Vacatia Closing Coordinator will contact you with instructions on how to start the closing process, which involves the transfer of ownership from seller to buyer.

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The closing process begins when buyer and seller sign a legally-binding purchase agreement, in which all the details of the listing have been fully confirmed with the resort. Next, a deposit from the buyer is transferred into escrow, where funds are held until all remaining documents have been signed. Once all the transaction documents have been signed, the remaining balance of the purchase price has been paid, ownership of the timeshare or fractional property is officially transferred from the seller to the buyer and payment funds are released from escrow to the seller.

The seller will receive a check or wire transfer of the funds held in escrow minus Vacatia platform fees and any other costs quoted by the closing company.

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