Rent a Resort Residence

When a hotel room or someone else's place just won't do

Enjoyable resort amenities

The comforts of home

On-site staff means no worries

Enjoyable Resort Amenities

The best locations, fun facilities, on-site experiences, easy access to nearby adventures.

Vacatia Value

Our Vacatia ValueSM rating highlights when resort rates are actually less than local hotel rates with comparable star ratings and number of guests!

The Comforts of Home


A family room for time together


Separate bedrooms for time apart


Full kitchen and in-unit washer/dryer

On-site Staff Means No Worries

  • instant booking
  • front desk check-in, like a hotel
  • housekeeping options, to keep your condo tidy

"Families mention the resort's super-friendly manager, Dennis Costa, as a major reason they come back again and again."

Maui Hill Resort | Maui, HI

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