The Vacatia Guarantee

We guarantee every listing on our site to be accurate. It's that simple.

Vacatia guarantees the accuracy and timeliness of resort listings displayed in the Vacatia marketplace. Resort owners who are selling are required to submit documentation confirming key details of their listing. This documentation is reviewed by the Vacatia Guest Care team and compared to the listing for accuracy. Vacatia also routinely checks with sellers for any changes to the status of their listing.

Resort Verification

Resort Verified

We offer a Guarantee because the
accuracy of this timeshare resale has
been verified by resort or club, including
ownership and payment status of all
maintenance fees and special

Buyers looking for the best family vacation accommodations can relax with confidence knowing that we guarantee they are browsing only accurate and timely resort owner listings.

Ownership Documents and Maintenance Bill have been Reviewed

Ownership Documents Received

We offer a Guarantee because the Seller
has provided ownership documents for
this timeshare resale, such as a copy of a
deed or purchase agreement,
satisfactory to Vacatia.

Maintenance Bill Received

We offer a Guarantee on this timeshare
resale because the Seller has provided
information regarding current and any
past due maintenance fees, satisfactory
to Vacatia.

We back the Vacatia Guarantee with our wallet

If the buyer and seller have a signed purchase agreement regarding a Vacatia Guaranteed listing, and the transaction fails to close due to inaccurate listing content, we will credit the buyer $500 towards their next purchase on Vacatia. The credit is good for up to 60 days from the date on which the original transaction failed to close, and will be given at the close of escrow on buyer’s next Vacatia purchase.

Ownership Documents and Maintenance Bill have been Reviewed


Multiple credits are not provided for a single affected listing.

The credit, given at the close of escrow, is immediately (and for up to 60 days) available to the buyer towards making a replacement purchase of a resort ownership interest on the Vacatia marketplace.