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Dominican Republic Vacation Rentals - A Coastal Caribbean Paradise

The Dominican Republic is one of the most geographically varied countries in the Caribbean, with beaches galore, desert scrublands, and gorgeous mountain vistas. One of the most important elements of your getaway is booking one of the many Dominican Republic resorts. This is not always as simple as it seems, as generic search engines rarely filter for quality and specific amenities or services. When you work with Vacatia, however, you'll be able to find the right kind of resorts in the Dominican Republic quickly and easily. Our Dominican Republic hotels and resorts have all been highly recommended, and our Guest Care team is always available to answer your questions via online chat. This means that when you arrive in this Caribbean paradise, the accommodation of your dreams will be waiting.

Dominican Republic Resorts - Your Dream Accommodation

You're probably looking forward to your Dominican Republic holiday, but maybe you're having a hard time deciding what kind of accommodation to book. There is a wide variety, from Dominican Republic vacation rentals with all the home comforts to five-star resorts with unprecedented luxuries. If you've ever wished that you could have the best of both worlds, you should book one of our resort residences. Our signature accommodation includes a fully equipped kitchen, a furnished living area, and an in-unit washer dryer, as well as resort-style perks like concierge check-in, games rooms, planned activities, childcare, fine dining on-site, and more. You can cook your own meals and a read on a comfy sofa, or you can treat yourself to a gourmet meal before asking the concierge about the best nightclubs in the area.

Resorts in the Dominican Republic - Warm and Welcoming

As you drive along the rural roads, past domino games and coconut sellers, dense jungle brush suddenly gives way to a stunning ocean view. Part of the country's unique appeal lies in its daily village life, where the informal hospitality of the Dominicans can be best appreciated. Along its innumerable beaches, you'll find seafood shacks and mountain-hugging colmados (a combination of a bar and a corner store). Here, the pace is life is slowed, and the warm local welcome and natural splendor take over. Some of the Dominican Republic's beaches are pristine white-sand affairs with shady palm trees, while other parts of the coast are lined with dramatic cliffs, peaceful mangrove lagoons, or sweeping dunes. Whether it's luxurious tourist playgrounds or charming fishing villages, the ocean is part of everyday life. You can see scores of humpback whales in coves and bays where pirates once held sway, or you can explore one of the many preserves and parks.