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While you're on the Strip, it can be easy to forget that there's a world beyond the bright lights and big attractions.

So if the Strip has the casinos, the restaurants, the bars, and the clubs, what does the rest of the Valley hold? In short, everything else! From bustling Downtown to nearby swanky golf communities, the rest of Las Vegas feels, frankly, all-American. People live here, work here, study here. They watch minor league baseball games here. They go to the rodeo to celebrate their Wild West heritage here. They play golf on the more than 50 area courses. And most importantly, they breathe out here.

What you'll find is uninterrupted natural splendor on all sides, from the otherworldly formations of Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire to snowy Charleston Peak and the showstopping Hoover Dam.

Viva Las Vegas

Channel your inner Elvis (the young hip-swinging version) at Viva Las Vegas, billed as the biggest rockabilly party in the world. Held each March at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, the festival attracts headliners like Little Richard and the Cleftones, as well as rockabilly bands from around the world. The '50s-era fun also includes muscle car shows, bowling tournaments, pinup contests, and burlesque showcases.

Pinball Hall of Fame

Not having much luck at the slots? Then head to the Pinball Hall of Fame, perhaps the only place in Vegas where a coin in the slot will guarantee a fun outcome! The collection of more than 150 vintage pinball machines moved to its current off-Strip location in 2009, nearly doubling its size along the way. Here, you'll find retro machines from as far back as 1947, but there are also some 21st-century additions to show how far the game has evolved.

Summerlin Art Festival

Autumn's Summerlin Art Festival is one of the area's most popular outdoor art events, featuring 125 artists and craftsmen. The centerpiece of the festivities is La Strada dell'Arte, an Italian-inspired street painting festival that leaves slabs of concrete throughout this community looking downright gallery-worthy!

Neon Museum

Other cities only put their lights on display during the Christmas season. But Vegas always does everything bigger. Check out Downtown's two-acre Neon Boneyard, which features a fascinating collection of over 150 rescued signs from the 1930s to today. If you're hoping to see the neons lit up like during their glory days, stop by the Neon Museum's two satellite installations: The Downtown Gallery and the on-Strip Las Vegas Signs Project host 15 electrified and restored neon signs.

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