Why Spring is the Best Time to Visit Maui

Posted by Trevor Cohen on February 18, 2015

Isn’t it always springtime in Maui? It seems like the flowers are always blooming, the weather is getting just a bit warmer, and the hills are turning greener.

Believe it or not though, there is an actual spring here, and it’s fantastic!

Spring is — without a doubt — the best time to visit Maui. It’s got everything: nature is blooming, excitement is in the air, and the crowds are not so thick. So, if you’re not convinced already, here are a few delightful things that might sway you to swing by the valley isle this spring. Of course, anytime is a good time to visit Maui, but take advantage of it's sweet spot — Spring!

1) It’s cheaper to fly to Maui in spring

Since demand is lower, April 7 to mid-June is the best time to score a great deal on flights to Maui. If you book ahead of time you can find flights for under $300 from the West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest. Hawaiian Airlines provides a slew of choices for travel originating on the west coast. Maui can be pricey during peak seasons so if your looking for the best and cheapest time to visit Maui, it is Spring!

2) Spring in Maui = Less crowds

Snowbirds come in the winter and summer vacation hasn’t started. This makes visiting Maui in the spring much less crowded than the peak seasons. Planning a trip from April to Mid-June is ideal for beating the rush and getting the beach to yourself.

3) Whales like visiting Maui in spring too 

There’s a reason they call it “Whale Soup.” From mid-December through June, nearly 20,000 humpback whales come to the waters off west Maui to breed and nurse. You can see them up close on a tour, hear them sing when you’re underwater, and even spot them casually from the beach. Visiting Maui in the spring is not just a perfect time for humans.  

4) Purple mountains majesty in the spring

Every spring something extraordinary happens in Maui’s Upcountry. All throughout the hills, the Jacaranda trees turn the countryside a deep purple. After blooming and falling from the trees, the flower petals make the ground into a “purple carpet.” You can only see this if you visit Maui in Spring. 

5) It’s festival season

Celebrate pineapples, greens, and exotic fruits at the Maui County Agricultural Festival (April), traditional Music at the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival (April), gorgeous flower art at the Haiku Ho'olaulea & Flower Festival (April), the largest craft fair on the island at the Seabury Craft Fair (May), and sophisticated films with celebrity hosts at the Maui Film Festival (June).

6) Spring days are warm, nights are cooler

During any given Maui spring day, it rarely strays from that perfect range of 70-80 degrees. Thankfully, if it ever does get too hot, the trade winds come in to cool it down. And the nights are cool too, making it easy to sleep. Sit back on your laina or on the beach and let that perfect breeze cool you off.

7) Kids are out, but no ‘spring breakers’

It’s the ultimate sweet spot for families! While the infamous college spring break is in March, most younger kids are out in April. This gives families with young kids, the perfect opportunity to take advantage to visit Maui in spring.

No matter when you decide to come, you’ll come as close as one can to family friendly paradise. Planning a trip to Maui in the spring gives you an extra edge over the crowds and higher prices found in other seasons.

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