We Curate the Best Deals

Posted News & Updates by Trevor Cohen on November 8, 2013

How much do you love finding a good deal? The thrill of unearthing something special that otherwise would have cost a fortune, speaks to your own savvy. But how many times are these deals too good to be true? In the internet era, unbelievable offers are everywhere. So many scams tempt you with low prices, while hiding something sinister. This is especially true in the timeshare resale market. Deals for $1 timeshares are not always guaranteed winners.

Fortunately, Vacatia does guarantee its best deals. You will find exclusive deals that have been thoroughly inspected. We have a team of licensed real estate agents and internet gurus to make sure that what you see in an offer is exactly what you get at closing.

We’ve put together many different deal types, from the best priced to the most luxurious. Our team members come from a diverse range of real estate specialties to give you a whole lot of unique offerings.

Own Your Winter Getaway

It’s time to start looking for a winter wonderland to call your own. Whether you crave a quaint mountain lodge on the slopes or an escape to tropical paradise, we have plenty of great deals at top resorts. Picture Maui, Tahoe and the Bahamas all rolled into one. Get the most out of the snow or get away to the sunshine. Veteran vacation real estate agent Scott C. has put together an exciting selection of winter’s finest.

1K and Under

We’ve found many great resorts at low, low prices. Imagine owning at the Four Seasons for only $500, or the excitement of Las Vegas for only $1. All of these residences are priced less than $1,000, and are still located in fabulous destinations. Golf, play and ski at an unforgettable resort every year. Our resident bargain hunter, Nicole R. uses her expertise to help us find the best for less.

Hidden Gems

The phrase “diamond in the rough” doesn’t quite do them justice. These deals are found at fully polished resorts with a reputation for quality. But, who says the biggest brands need to get all the hype? Our hidden gems are well-priced listings at resorts outside of the major timeshare clubs. Often these smaller resorts offer an intimate experience that feels “just like home.” We want you to discover something amazing, no matter where it’s found. Throughout her years in real estate, Monique K. has built up an extensive repertoire of these hidden gems.

Top Brands for Less

Last, but not least, we have put together great deals at top resort brands. Hilton, Marriott, Disney, Westin and others offer hundreds of resorts within their hotel families. Some brands even feature a collection of international resorts. This could be your passport to worldwide adventure! Steve M, one of our timeshare brokers, knows all the perks of the top brands and has tracked down their best deals.

We hope you find the deal right for you. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome, as we continue to grow our deal base.