"Vacatia on Us!" $10k Sweepstakes

Posted by Vacatia Press Team on January 7, 2014

Win $10K

Get ready for your dream vacation! Enter to win $10k for the trip of a lifetime or, use that money for a lifetime of trips by selecting a timeshare from our marketplace.

If you choose the $10k trip, we’ll send you and three guests to Hawaii, Mexico, Lake Tahoe, the Caribbean, Orlando or Arizona. We’ve put together some great packages for each destination. Experience kitesurfing or whale watching in Hawaii, sailing or a beachfront cooking/cocktail-making class in the Caribbean, horseback riding or ocean kayaking in Mexico and much more. Or, put together your own custom package within the $10k budget and we’ll cover it.

If you choose a lifetime of trips, we’ll give you $10k to select a timeshare or fractional property on Vacatia. And $10k goes a long way on our marketplace! You could own a gorgeous oceanfront timeshare in Maui or a three-bedroom penthouse suite in Cabo.

Entry is simple. Click here or go to https://vacatia.com/contest/10k-sweepstakes and submit your name, email, city and state. No credit cards, passports or phone numbers are required. Once you’ve entered, we’ll send you a confirmation and keep you updated on the contest. Last day to enter is April 15, 2014.

Be sure to check back often as there will be frequent opportunities to win more prizes in the coming months. We’ll be giving away airline vouchers, luxury luggage and other enviable travel accessories.

Best of luck! And feel free to check out our deals in the meantime.