Timeshares you can trust

Posted News & Updates by Trevor Cohen on November 7, 2013

It’s time for a trustworthy timeshare marketplace – one that doesn’t charge any fees upfront and guarantees that what’s listed, is what you receive at closing.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a lifetime of vacations for a great price or would like to sell your timeshare or fractional property, Vacatia has all the tools you need. Find thousands of listings at top properties around the world. Post a listing on Vacatia’s marketplace and only pay once your timeshare has been sold.

A Simple, Secure Marketplace

Vacatia strives to make everything about your timeshare experience as easy as possible. We offer a simple marketplace for users to buy and sell timeshares and fractional properties.

We list maintenance costs up front, offer top residences at a fraction of the price and have our own built-in tools for making offers and handling negotiations. We even monitor the closing process and have an experienced support team ready to answer your questions and concerns.

Our platform connects brokers, developers, independent sellers and buyers to make sure that all parties are engaged in an open and cooperative environment. We review many of our listings to determine whether they meet our own standards of accuracy. Look for the “Vacatia Guarantee” emblem and enjoy extra peace of mind in knowing that we have received key documents from the seller. It’s our aim to give you confidence at closing.

Huge Savings, High Quality

Buying a timeshare on the resale market gives you an incredible discount over purchasing directly from the developer. On Vacatia, you’ll find high quality timeshares and luxurious fractionals for 30% to 70% off developer prices. More importantly, you’ll know exactly what you’re buying. It’s easy to assume that buying a resale timeshare is like buying a used car – that you won’t get the same physical product as you would with a new share. This is a common misperception. Whether purchased as a resale or from the developer, all timeshare villas at the same resort receive the same amount of maintenance and care. They are refurbished and updated to the same standards, regardless of who sold them.

Practical Luxury

The benefits of timeshares are undeniable. Owners get the luxury of a spacious villa or suite without the high costs or hassle of buying a second home. Timeshares are downright practical and a hallmark of the “sharing economy.” While many second homes are empty for most of the year, a timeshare provides the enjoyment of vacation to many families for a fraction of the price.

Vacatia gives you the best of everything that timeshares have to offer and more. Significant savings, guaranteed listings and a simple user interface that makes browsing much like touring the resort itself. We hope you find what you’re looking for on Vacatia. We welcome your input and feedback so that you get the most out of your vacation ownership. It will be an exciting journey as Vacatia evolves, and we are happy to have you aboard!