Survey: Half of Families Still Haven't Made Spring Break Family Travel Plans

Posted Travel Tips by Vacatia on February 17, 2018



Are your family’s Spring Break vacation plans already locked down? Or, are you procrastinating “still deciding”? Well… join the club! More than 46% of those who responded to our 2nd annual Spring Break Family Travel Survey let us know they don’t expect to make their 2018 plans until within a month of hitting the road. Our latest in a series of joint surveys of Vacatia's social community and the followers of our family travel partners TravelingMom and TravelingDad yielded several fun insights!: 

Still pondering Spring Break plans? You’re not alone!

Our survey indeed suggests waiting is a popular choice. More than 17% of respondents proudly reported they don’t expect to finalize their Spring Break trip details “until the last possible second” - a week or two before traveling at most. Over 29% say they will lock down their Spring Break plans within the month pre-trip, and another 31% about two months before. On the other hand, an incredibly organized 22% noted with pride that they completed their Spring Break vacation planning “last year”! Sheesh, their closets are probably clean as well.

Family travel is more than parents and kids, and often includes friends as well!

While two-thirds of survey respondents did share that their Spring Break will be kids bringing parents, another 8% noted that the grandparents are coming as well. Almost 11% say they are vacationing with grown kids or family members, and nearly 4% are hosting a multigenerational family gathering. In a continuation of a trend we saw last year, 6% are vacationing with adult friends and additional 5% note they are bringing both family and friends!

Vacatia Guest Care often handles booking requests for family and friends who are vacationing together. At Vacatia, we call these groups "like family”. These guests often book our up to six-bedroom resort residence rentals, or book multiple resort residences at once, to accommodate friends and extended family members. In fact, Vacatia has dozens of resort partners with residences larger than 2,000 square ft. Not coincidentally, our guest benefits program is called "Family and Friends"!



Families anticipate spending their Spring Break vacation together... but not ALL of it.

On average, our responders say their families will spend 84% of this vacation together… and 16% apart, unchanged from last year.

About 28% of our family travel respondents do expect their families will spend "100%" of their Spring Break together, but then it gets interesting… another 48% reported they plan to spend up to a quarter of their family vacation apart, an additional 17% plan to spend up to half of this Spring Break apart, and finally 7% of responders tell us their families will be on vacation but apart for MORE than half of this Spring Break!

Vacatia’s guests often tell us that this is a key reason they rent resort residences, where everyone can to spend time together in the family room, kitchen or dining area for meals, or having fun at the pool. At the same time, family and friends also enjoy taking a break and using resort amenities or retiring to their own bedroom.

Helping Chief Vacation Officers make everybody happy and have great vacations is why Vacatia was founded, and why we specialize in resort residence rentals, which offer the space of a home plus the services of a hotel.

The biggest reported challenges of planning family travel were “agreeing on a budget and how to pay for everything”, and coordinating everyone's schedules.

Moving up from #2 last year to the #1 slot, more than 39% of respondents note that agreeing on a budget and coordinating payment is the biggest headache, while 36% say coordinating everyone’s schedules is no fun. Vacatia offers a "hold for 48 hours" feature for many reservations so that the “chief vacation officer” (who has the thankless job of arranging the trip) can double check with everyone before booking. We also offer "flexpay" payment options, so that the booking can be paid for in multiple payments (sometimes interest-free), or even split among family and friends.

In one of the biggest changes, up 3x vs. last year, 24% of survey responders equating figuring out family sleeping arrangements to a Tetris-like challenge. Vacatia actually creates custom floor and bed maps for each resort residence configuration, as this is one of the most popular questions Vacatia Guest Care receives in online chats or guest phone calls.



Moms remain the primary family vacation planners while kids are taking a more active role!

More than 41% of survey respondents report that, no doubt, Mom drives the family travel plans, down slightly from last year. Over a third of responders say planning their family's Spring Break is a shared effort. About 12% report everyone gets a vote. In another nearly 3x increase vs. last year, 8% note that “the kids have major input”!

It goes without saying, this is no surprise to us. We talk to moms, grandmoms, sisters, and daughters who are making family vacation plans literally every day. Many dads too, of course! As we mentioned last year, it's the key reason we really appreciate and respect the authentic first-hand family travel tips and insights that our partners TravelingMom and TravelingDad share with their rapidly growing community of family travel enthusiasts.

Accommodations are the top expected Spring Break expense.

Over half of respondents tell us accommodations will be their largest Spring Break vacation expense, followed in order by travel to the destination, meals, activities, and travel at the destination. Of course, many reported they intend to splurge on food or activities. Hey. who are we to judge?! 

Vacatia’s analysis suggests that nearly half of the time, our resort residence rentals actually cost less than local comparable quality adjoining hotel rooms. Vacatia guests not only can enjoy our handpicked resort residences, they often get a great value. With our Family and Friends rates for members, a best price guarantee, and military, large group, and extended stay discounts, we'll help make sure you are getting the best combination of quality and value to assure a memorable family vacation.


If you need a recommendation or assistance booking your Spring Break family travel in one of our 652 resorts in 29 great destinations across North America, we are here for you online, or at (855) 858-3950 from 6AM to 8PM PT.