Making Landon's Legoland Wish Come True

Posted News & Updates by Trevor Cohen on November 7, 2013

Vacatia and Make-a-Wish have teamed up to make Landon’s Legoland wish come true. Landon, 5, was diagnosed with Leukemia. But, like many creative kids his age, he loves to play with Legos. From October 10 to 15, Vacatia provided Landon and his family with accommodations near Legoland. We welcomed his family, as they prepared for their adventures throughout San Diego’s amusement parks. During his trip, Landon got to see Legoland, Seaworld, the San Diego Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo.

From the moment he arrived in the airport and saw his welcome gifts, Landon was all smiles. At first he was a little shy, but as soon as he saw the sticker book and Lego toys that awaited him, he jumped out of his seat. When his family arrived at the hotel, they were delighted to find that Legoland had set out balloons and foam swords.

SeaWorld Adventures

Landon and his family started their adventure at SeaWorld. He and his brother, Logan were so excited that they almost climbed over the entrance. Once inside, Landon got to watch the seal show and see dolphins up close. For the grand finale, he saw Shamo and friends perform aquatic acrobatics.

A Little Legomaniac

The next day, Landon and his family took a trip to Legoland. Landon got to see Lego brick versions of New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and New Orleans. He had an amazing time building and racing Lego cars, playing at the test factory and driving the Lego boat with his dad and sister aboard. At the end of the day, Landon enjoyed a private tour of Miniworld.

San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

Landon got to see flamingos, giraffes, antelope, hippos, meerkats and elephants. While strolling along, his family happened to stumble upon two zookeepers taking a leashed cheetah on a walk through the park. After viewing dozens of animal species, his family took a gondola ride above the park where they could see the entire panorama.

We were so happy to be a part of Landon’s San Diego adventures. Please send your love his way. We will keep him in our hearts as he fights Leukemia and discovers the passions of his life.