Listings Are Now 100% "Vacatia Guaranteed"

Posted News & Updates by Vacatia Family on October 31, 2014

Vacatia GuaranteeVacatia is now the first and only online timeshare marketplace to check the accuracy of every listing posted – making every timeshare resale listing 100% “Vacatia Guaranteed.” While this was a huge undertaking, it was something that our community asked for so we made it happen.

What is the Vacatia Guarantee?

In order to list on the Vacatia marketplace, we require that all sellers provide proper documentation to ensure that the information displayed on each listing is accurate. Owners must submit up-to-date management fee invoices and a copy of the deed or purchase letter to receive our “guarantee” endorsement. This small and free extra step helps us maintain an accurate and transparent timeshare marketplace that you can trust.

What’s in it for buyers?

If you’re looking for quality resort residences, you can relax knowing that the Vacatia marketplace assures you’ll only find accurate and timely listings. Through the feedback we received, we discovered that inquiring on inaccurate timeshare listings is incredibly frustrating. We didn’t want you to find a great deal, only to learn later that the week listed was wrong or the management fees hadn’t been paid.

In the unlikely event that a transaction on a “guaranteed” listing fails to close due to inaccurate information, our Guest Care team will credit you – the buyer – $500 towards your next purchase with us.

The “guarantee” is good for sellers, too!

We found that inquiries on “Vacatia Guaranteed” listings have a 38% higher close rate over non-guaranteed listings. This is amazing news for anyone looking to sell their timeshare on the Vacatia marketplace.

Because we now require all listings to be “guaranteed,” if we haven’t yet received your timeshare documentation, your listing won’t be visible on the Vacatia marketplace. However, you can always login and re-list. Call us at (855) 857-7588 if you have any questions or need assistance.

We love feedback!

If you’d like more info on the Vacatia Guarantee or have any questions or comments, please feel to email us at and let us know how we can further improve our marketplace. Your feedback makes a huge difference!